Cricket World Cup 2019 Final

Cricket World Cup 2019 Final

Cricket World Cup 2019 Final

Cricket is a motivating game with surprising twists and turns that may build thousands of individuals fancy a tense winning end or a surprising catch resulting in a loss. This suspense has always made cricket the most lovable game in the country.There are various forms of cricket played in the country and one of them is the World cup.

The world cup, 2019 is the twelfth edition of the cricket world cup. It is an international tournament contested by the men’s national team of ICC. England and Wales got the opportunity to host the twelfth edition of the cricket world cup from 30th May to 14 July.

The tournament follows a format of a single group of 10 teams, each team playing with the other nine once followed by a knockout stage where the top four teams at the end of the group phase progress towards semi-finals. The knockout stage will see semi-finals at Old Trafford and Edgbaston, with the winners of each progressing to the finals at Lord’s, London. India, Australia, New Zealand, and England are the four teams to reach in semi-finals. Fixtures of semi-finals are India vs New Zealand and Australia vs England, the winning teams will face each  other in Finals.

Cricket Betting Tips:

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  2. Follow your gut feelings

  3. Consider winning trends

  4. Analyse team

  5. Update with the news.

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