The Big Question on Dhoni’s Retirement ???

The Big Question on Dhoni’s Retirement ???

Internet is flooded with a big question about MS Dhoni’s retirement. So, what do you think, will Dhoni take retirement or not? The people are stuck between yes or no. But there must be some things that can make your judgments logistic. Today, the CBTF will share the opinion about MS Dhoni’s retirement.

Who he is? 

There is no doubt that Dhoni is the most popular and lovable Indian cricketer of modern cricket. You can find Mahi’s fans in every corner. I, myself is the big fan of him.
He came as a shining star in the Indian Cricket History. We all know, how smartly he led the Chennai Super Kings to the victory in India’s biggest league, IPL.

As a player

Strictly speaking, MD Dhoni’s career was not begun with a silver spoon. He worked hard to achieve his deserving position. The history of his performance shows his mind-blowing skills.

What we think

Being the most successful and lovable player, MS Dhoni has been going down with his performance. It has been seen that he isn’t playing that well and getting unfortunate falls. We believe, he will not take retirement yet. Rather he will again rise and shine like a true star before taking the final retirement.

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